CoB-KIBM Scholars

2021 Cohort

We are excited to report that out of 47 completed application submissions (!), we chose to interview 11 students. These half-hour interviews consisted of learning more about their career goals, faculty interests, and their general motivation for pursuing neuroscience, as well as any barriers they may have faced in their journey towards getting involved in research.

From those interviews, we selected our top 4 applicants using a ranked-choice voting system with 6 total reviewers. We chose these students due to a demonstrated financial need and clearly articulated excitement for neuroscience research, in addition to a holistic evaluation of just how much they would benefit from having a competitive research position under their belt as they prepare to apply to graduate programs. This is a diverse cohort of fellows across several dimensions, from research interests to life backgrounds, and we believe that our program will be a much-needed springboard towards future research opportunities in the Fall and beyond.

Eman Abdulkadir

Junior / Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience

I am interested in Behavioral, Developmental, Decision-making, and Cognitive Neuroscience.
I am originally from Ethiopia, specifically from the ethnic tribe of Oromo. I moved to the U.S when I was 11 years old. In my free time I love playing volleyball and making string art.
I applied to the CoB-KIBM scholars programs because it is a program that is designed for students like me who haven’t had the opportunity to explore their interests in Neuroscience research. I also applied because I knew this program will offer me support and guidance throughout my undergraduate career.

Lauren Valdez

Senior / Neurobiology / History

I am interested in researching the molecular mechanisms that underlie many neurodegenerative diseases along with the altered neural circuitry that contributes to many mental disorders.
I was born in San Diego but grew up moving around the country and played competitive soccer for 12 years of my life. On my free time, I love to embroider, watch Netflix, and listen to music!
I recently decided to pursue an MD-PhD program after my undergraduate career and while trying to orient myself on this new path I came across the CoB-KIBM Scholar Program! I applied to this program because I believe they offered the best opportunities and was deeply moved by their commitment to give underrepresented students with no previous research experience a chance at neuroscience research.

Khoa Nguyen

Junior / General Biology

I am interested in researching the connections between single neurons and specific cell types in the brain and the signaling mechanisms that regulate the formation of the blood-brain barrier during the development.
I am a Vietnamese immigrant and the first generation in my family to go to college. My hobby during my free time is photography.
Since I am the first in my family to go to college, I do not have anyone that can provide guidance during my academic and career pathway. The CoB-KIBM Scholars Program is a great program that will connect me with graduate student mentors so that I can successfully get involved in the neuroscience career.

Marissa Evans

Junior / Human Biology / Visual Arts

I’m really interested in exploring the extent to which generational/racial trauma affects marginalized communities.
I am a first generation American and a first-generation college student. I am involved in activism and I’m really interested in creating positive change for the communities I’m a part of. I love expressing myself through playing instruments, drawing, and fashion!
I applied to the CoB-KIBM Scholars Program because it looked really fun. As a naturally curious person I felt this was the first step to getting into research and exploring some lifelong questions I’ve had about neuroscience.